Kepang Terra Bag

Kepang Terra Bag

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Terra is the Latin name for earth and Kepang is the Indonesian word for braid. So together the name "Kepang Terra" means braided earth. This bag joins the sophisticated details of the braiding with the natural beauty of the Rattan material.

Feel grounded to mother nature with this twist on the classic rattan bag. The natural colors of this bag match with any outfit! 

Every bag is lined with a one-of-kind patterned cotton fabric to ensure that no bag will look exactly the same.


Material: Rattan, Atta, Leather  

Size: 8" Diameter x 2.75" Tall 

Strap Drop: 23" 


Please Note: Each bag is 100% handmade with LOVE. Therefore, the appearance and the size may vary slightly. 

Bags are handmade with Ata and Rattan which are weaved into a traditional round basket that's finished with a colorful cotton inner lining (each bag has a different color lining) and leather strap. Once the purses have been woven, and sun-dried, they are smoked over coconut husks in an oven to set the interlocking weave, and to give them their distinctive color.  

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