Fighting Hunger Bullet | Gold Necklace

Fighting Hunger Bullet | Gold Necklace

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Originally designed using donated bullet casings, this recycled "Fighting Hunger" necklace has become a symbol that can be seen as negative and been transformed into an item for good. 

Gold plated

Handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA

30" gold ball chain

Gold plated charm that reads "HALF UNITED FIGHTING HUNGER"

This product provides 7 meals for children in need!


Why the Bullet?

Not long after Half United was founded they were searching for a symbol to represent their FIGHT against global hunger. Having little money to work with, the team looked for something that could be recycled that would present a powerful message.  That's when a HU friend donated a handful of recycled bullet casings, suggesting that they may be able to use them in their jewelry design. These casings began to represent the fight against hunger!  Every time a customer purchases a "Fighting Hunger" necklace they are peacefully fighting hunger all over the world. They have taken a symbol that can be seen as negative and have transformed it into an item for good.