The Bee & The Fox

Most of us have an early memory surrounding a t-shirt; that souvenir shirt you pined for on a family vacation, that obnoxious holiday sweater your grandma bought you that smelled like moth balls, that shirt you bought at your first concert, that shirt your mom insisted you wear, the oversized tee of a lover you spent Saturday mornings sipping coffee in, that shirt that’s been in your drawer so long it’s now perfectly tattered, an oldie but goody.
At The Bee & The Fox, they hope to pay homage to the legacy of t-shirts; to tap into the nostalgia that has been around long before us. And for you to make your own memories, in their designs, is nothing short of a dream.
Their growth has given rise to their voice, which is not something they saw coming but are forever grateful for. They regularly donate to the American Association of University Woman (AAUW) who have been supporting the plight of women for over a century. They also continue to use their voice to support victims of natural disasters (all proceeds from their 'Don't Mess with Texas' tee were donated to the victims of the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico).
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