Nature Supply

Their Mission
Their hearts are wild about nature. It is their passion, mission and inspiration. Your purchase helps them plant one acre of wildflowers each month through the Bee and the Butterfly Habitat Fund - an organization that establishes high-quality pollinator habitat to ensure honey bee and monarch butterfly populations thrive.
Their Roots
Nature Supply Company (formerly Magnolia Roots Co.) was founded in September 2016 under a blooming Magnolia tree on Magnolia Court. In May 2018, Magnolia Roots Co. became Nature Supply Co. and the rest, they say, is history. They are based out of McCook Lake, South Dakota, where all of their items are made in-house and printed on by hand as orders come in.

 Their Products
Did you know that their tees are sustainably produced? Or that the cotton in their organic line comes from cotton farms in Texas? Did you know their seamstresses are paid only fair wages? Or that their manufacturer’s sewing floor creates almost no waste? They strive to carry goods that are earth friendly while also bringing awareness to important nature-related topics through their designs. They know they aren’t perfect, but they are taking steps each day to move forward as a responsible company.
ALSO:  They use fully recyclable and naturally biodegradable packaging. No plastic!
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